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Get the information you need to know on Older Adults and HIV by attending a training session

Trainings Offered:

Introduction to Aging and HIV

Introduction to Aging Services


HIV, Domestic Violence & Older Adults

HIV, Older Adults & Health Literacy

HIV, Older Adults & Mental Health

HIV, Older Adults & Comorbidities

HIV, Older Adults & Nutrition



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What People are Saying:

“I found this course extremely helpful and will share the information with my staff”
“The trainer encouraged a lot of thoughtful discussion”
"Very Informative - important piece of our education at the agency"


Introduction to HIV and Aging will help you to:

  • Become aware of HIV transmission and prevention.
  • Gain accurate knowledge of HIV and AIDS facts.
  • Understanding the basics of how HIV is and is not transmitted.
  • Understand the importance and benefits of early treatment for HIV infection.
  • Provide basic information about the benefits of HIV testing and treatment.
  • Explore HIV/AIDS prevention education.
  • Take this information back to his or her agency to be integrated into current practices.


HIV, Domestic Violence & Older Adults

Learn more about the important issue of Elder Abuse - how to recognize it, what to do about it, and why it is so important to have this conversation

HIV, Older Adults & Health Literacy

Older Adults are highly likely to have a lower health Literacy level - this can adversely affect health outcomes, especially for those older adults living with HIV and other chronic illnesses.  Learn more about health literacy and what you can do at your program to address it.

HIV, Older Adults & Mental Health

Depression is the biggest health issue facing Older Adults with HIV.  Learn about the important mental health issues facing seniors every day, especially those living with HIV.

HIV, Older Adults & Comorbidities

Co-occuring disorders are a huge concern for Older Adults, especially for those living with HIV.  People over the age of 50 experience co-morbidities at 3x the rate of HIV negative Older Adults over the age of 70.  In this training learn about the most common conditions affecting older adults and how to help your clients manage them.

HIV, Older Adults & Nutrition

Experts have long hailed Nutrition as co-therapy for people living with HIV and this is especially true for older adults living with HIV and every older adult.  However, what needs to be taken into consideration when planning a diet for older people, especially those living with HIV?   


Other topics covered in each session:

  • Epidemiology
  • HIV & Testing
  • HIV Overview
  • Stigma
  • Cultural Competency
  • Talking to older adults about sex

To attend a training:

Please check the schedule for upcoming trainings or contact to have one set up for your organization.

For More Information or to Register for a Training:

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