Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To champion the rights of older adults to make New York City a better place to live.

Our Vision

  • More resources will be available in the right places for effective services for older adults
  • Older adults will be able to make decisions about their lives for as long as possible
  • Older adults will be stable economically
  • Communities will remain free of ageism, stigma and stereotyping of older adults

Our members turn to CSCS for:

CSCS advocates at the city, state and federal levels on behalf of the general welfare of all New York City's seniors.

CSCS helps our members create and implement effective, efficient ways to ensure their communities meet emerging needs.

Quality Standards
CSCS promotes the highest standards in the design and delivery of community-based programs and services by our members.

Training Programs
Through training programs, technical assistance and customized consultation, CSCS helps members improve and maintain their fiscal, management and technological infrastructure and build staff and governing board skills.

Government Representation
Member organizations turn to CSCS when dealing with government agencies and other funders.

Idea Exchange
CSCS facilitates the exchange of ideas among members, and between them and government, business, and local communities.


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