Staff Directory

Staff Name Function Contact Information
Igal Jellinek Executive Director Ext.225
Allison Nickerson Director of Development Ext.224
Amanda Leis Bill Payer Program Director 718.858.2360
Anne Perzeszty Caregiving Initiative Ext.229
Bobbie Sackman Director of Public Policy Ext.226
Andrea Cianfrani Deputy Director of Public Policy Ext.233
Deena Sandos Membership Services Ext.235
Jennifer Brown SNAP Outreach Coordinator Ext.221
Elizabeth Levine SNAP Program Social Worker Ext.231
Karol Tapias Director of Training & Innovation Ext.227
Margie Ruggiero Bill Payer Program Administrator 718.858.2358
Scharlene de la Cruz Office Manager Ext.223
Regina Burden Consultant Ext.232
Tim Mei Technology Associate Ext.234
Tru Shah Fiscal Agent N/A

Staff Name Function Contact Information
Massiel Marte Graduate Social Work Intern
Joshel Melgarejo Public Policy Scholar
Tony Vario Undergraduate Social Work Intern

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